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Company Overview

Company Overview

When asked about GTN Pictures, its projects, and acclaimed director-producer George Nierenberg, viewers, reviewers and colleagues unanimously agree on several things: Mr. Nierenberg will tackle a project of any scale with gusto and passion, his approach will always be unique, creative and focused, and he will create a masterpiece, whether three minutes or ninety in length.

Through the relationships he has forged with leading craftspeople in the field, Mr. Nierenberg has created a production company, GTN Pictures, that consistently delivers the highest quality services in the film industry, including all facets of production, direction and writing.

Working in film, television, and the corporate and not-for-profit milieu, GTN Pictures tailors its services to the individual needs of its clients, providing anything from camera-work to direction, from budgeting to complete production oversight, from consulting and concept development to script-writing.

Whatever your needs, GTN will help you create an "evergreen", sure to engage and move its viewers for decades to come.

GTN Pictures is always seeking topics worthy of exploration in nonfiction film. Your ideas can become films! Contact us at george@gtnpictures.com.

Furthermore, GTN Pictures has partnered with a foundation to make a series of films addressing systemic injustice in our society and welcomes ideas for films that fulfill this mandate.

For Further Information, see our page at www.gtnpictures.com/folktraditions

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