We do more than just make videos.

GTN Pictures is a production company founded by George T. Nierenberg that has a history of telling stories in a compelling way that moves people to think, ponder and act. With a highly specialized team of professionals assembled over the years, George totally immerses himself in the subject matter to find the heart of the story and tell it in his own unique way, with a depth and perspective above and beyond the norm in documentary filmmaking.

Whether on long or short form projects, George has developed an organic process uniquely his own that brings out the emotion in the subject matter. He connects deeply with his subjects, creating trust and ease that brings out the souls of the individuals in his films. In-depth research, willingness to commit the necessary time, and meticulous crafting of the circumstances of each scene permit George to craft an entertaining and engaging film that holds an audience’ attention from beginning to end and leaves them caring, uplifted and inspired.

As George says, “If my films are not speaking on multiple levels at the same time, I am not doing my job.” Layered and nuanced, George’s films all cover more than just their apparent subject matter.   

Some of the approaches that George T. Nierenberg brings to his productions:

  • Let the subject matter determine the approach and pay attention to the character’s unique voices
  • Carefully cast characters who have a story to tell and can intimately illuminate the subject matter
  • Create scenes that bring out the humanity of its characters
  • Stage scenes that are true to the characters as well as catch one on the run
  • Maintain a sense of humor while sustaining a seriousness of purpose in telling the story
  • Capture strong visual images that help dramatize the subject matter
  • Create an emotional and intellectual experience that enables audiences to reflect on who we are as individuals and as a society.