This celebrated film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and opened the Denver Film Festival, “…easily the best opening night film in festival history.” The Denver Post.  The film was broadcast on the series, The American Experience where it received an Emmy nomination for Best Directing.

“The real joy of That Rhythm, Those Blues is its multi-layered structure – the way producer-director George T. Nierenberg interweaves personal stories and social history, interviews and music, color footage, and black-and-white stills, with fast-paced, chain-of-association cutting.”
Robert Goldberg, The Wall Street Journal


GOTTA DANCE! was broadcast on AMC as a two-part program.Critically well-received, this exuberant celebration of social ballroom dancing captures the passion of the dancers for their particular dances and shows us what makes each dance form exciting in its way. It is an entertainment program about social ballroom dancing and was critically well received when it was broadcast.



This film, produced for Disney and Broadcast on Bravo. When members of the Broadway cast of “The Lion King” go into a fifth-grade class to teach the students about African culture through mask making, singing, dancing and storytelling, magic happens.


About Tap examines various styles of jazz tap dancing through the work of masters Steve Condos, Jimmy Slyde and Chuck Green. Introducingperformances by these three men is a charming story told by Gregory Hines who shares his childhood memories of watching and imitating these tap dance greats at the Apollo Theater.  About Tap asks, "How does an artist discover his own individual style?" and answers it by sharing the performances and recollections of three tap dance greats.



Broadcast on ABC, Voodoo looks Voodoo in Haiti from the point of view of those who practice it and those who want to change the practice. 


Broadcast on CBS, BRITISH TABLOIDS captures the less-than-revered British tradition of sensationalist journalism, seen in action “reporting on" the personal lives of The Royal Family, a British rock star and women posing topless on page three of the Daily Star.



Broadcast on CBS, Japanese Tourists tells the story of three Japanese businessmen, who are treated like royalty by the tourist bureaus, as they visit Arizona and New Mexico to decide if they can market the Wild West to the Japanese. 


Early in the 19th Century two families, the Allens and Kathans, settled in the Southern Adirondack Mountains of New York State. By 1960's their descendants had isolated themselves in a remote hollow high in the mountains. Below lay the great Sacandaga Valley. Its rich lands rapidly filled with farms, factories and mills.  By the end of the century, the farmland had been flooded and The Allens and the Kathans lost most of work. They had begun to intermarry and all the residents in the Hollow were related. Because of their isolation, misunderstandings developed between them and the outside world.  The Hollow tells their story.

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